Novick Tech’s Core Service

What do we do?

Novick Tech’s core service provides your business with the cyber hygiene that every organization needs to have. We manage and maintain your critical systems to keep their health in its optimal status and improved online security.


What is cyber hygiene? Cyber hygiene is a means to protect and maintain IT systems and devices, and implement cyber security best practices. 


Novick Tech’s core services:

  • 24/7 system and device performance monitoring and alerting
  • Routine and comprehensive risk intelligence reports.
  • Threat protection for your systems and data within industry compliance.
  • System patching compliance to keep your systems updated and protected.
  • Monthly reports detailing system information status including incident reports, preventive maintenance activities, and system upgrade/update recommendations.
  • Project implementation and management*
  • Dedicated helpdesk with our resident IT experts on standby to assist you.
*this service is an add-on service
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Our vision is to provide you cost-efficient service plans –

Our core services give you and your organization the flexibility to scale and aim for success while complying to standard cyber security compliance (HIPAA and PCI/DSS).

Have a major project on the horizon? Novick Tech can help!

We offer bulk hour packages for:

  • Project Management
  • New Software Implementation
  • Systems Upgrade and Migration

If what you’re looking for is not listed here, just click on “Get Started” and perhaps we can create a plan of action.


Novick Tech is a reseller of Microsoft Office 365. This includes Outlook, Teams, OneDrive, and Office suite on your devices.


Other services include: Managed VoIP phone service, managed cloud backup, anti-virus and malware protection, 24/7 systems monitoring and maintenance, and 8×5 user support. Learn more about our service offerings here.


If you’re ready to aim for success and bring out the full potential of your organization, schedule a meeting with us now and we’ll help you get started.

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