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CertHat - Tools for Microsoft PKI

CertHat offers a comprehensive, centralized, and user-friendly solution that seamlessly complements and extends Microsoft AD CS while also handling certificates from external systems.

In today’s modern business environment, digital certificates have become essential components of a secure IT infrastructure. As IT security grows in importance and complexity, the effective management of PKI infrastructure has become a crucial requirement to ensure the security and continuity of modern businesses.

CertHat provides a range of tools and solutions designed to enhance the efficiency and productivity of PKI managers. By offering robust monitoring and management capabilities for PKI infrastructure and digital certificates, CertHat empowers organizations to proactively address potential issues. The platform effectively mitigates the risks associated with expired or invalid digital certificates, minimizing the chances of business downtime or system outages.

The solution provides the following features:

Benefits of Certhat

CertHat was created to be a single-application solution for all your PKI and certificate needs. You no longer need an arsenal of Microsoft stock tools or PowerShell scripts to know when certificates are expiring, or to push requests for new certificates through to your environment’s CA.


CertHat comes with a number of tools to make day-to-day PKI management operations a breeze, including tasks such as:

-Importing generated certificates

-Generating and checking status of pending certificate requests

-Uploading CSR files to your CA

-Searching and sorting through certificates


With add-on modules such as a security scanner, POS certificate generation, and an OpenShift/Kubernetes connector available to you as a CertHat customer, CertHat easily brings all your PKI management operations under a single, easy-to-use umbrella.

CertHat is not only designed to be simple to interact with, but simple to set up as well. CertHat can be installed in your organization as simply as installing a program on your home computer. Once the program and its agent have been installed and configured, CertHat is ready to use in your environment.


Once installed, it can be accessed like any other web-based application, by simply pointing your browser to it. You’re never more than a few clicks away from a complete overview of your PKI environment and digital certificate inventory. And, since it’s a web-based application, you can access it from anywhere within your environment: whether you’re on the premises or remoting in.

With all these tools at your disposal, CertHat helps keep your organization running, making it far easier to track upcoming certificate expirations that could lead to downtime or system/application outages. CertHat’s email alert features allow you and your team to be notified of upcoming expirations at custom intervals, meaning you’ll easily be able to track certificate issues long before they impact your organization.


It’s never been simpler to manage your organization’s PKI environment, mitigating one of your major pain points while keeping things running smoothly in your environment. CertHat helps you eliminate the guesswork from certificate management, and enables you and your team to know exactly what needs done, when.

Speaking of searching and sorting through certificates, CertHat makes it easy to get a broad view of your organization’s certificate inventory, including important data points such as the certificate source, subject, validity dates, requester, and more. Regardless of the number of certificates, CertHat’s powerful indexing gives you the ability to know what’s out there, where it came from, and how long it’s valid in your PKI environment.


While CertHat is far from the only competitor in the PKI management application space, we believe that it provides the clearest, most concise licensing that helps you and your organization get the greatest value. You can avoid the hassles of working with a salesman and confusing business models with a perpetual license, giving you permanent rights to use CertHat as soon as you purchase. Plus, there’s no limit to the number of certificates and users that can be added to CertHat, so it’s perfect for small and large organizations, and everything between.