Technology can contribute greatly to improved learning. But are your IT systems currently helping or hurting?

According to a recent report by Forbes entitled “The Top 10 Higher Education Issues” one of the challenges institutions now face is utilizing technology to improve learning. With the rise of online courses and virtual classrooms, tons of data moving around , are your IT systems ready for this?


From accessing course materials online, to checking grades, keeping records of students, teachers and staff and school operations, you must always make sure that everything is running smoothly, systems are updated, well backed-up, and secured.

Novick Tech provides assistance to your IT team in maintaining your systems and securing your data so that they can focus on addressing and developing day-to-day operations.


Through Novick Tech’s tailored service packages, we’ll give your organization an optimal solution while being cost-efficient in addressing your problems. We’ll provide you a top-tier security ensuring the protection of the privacy of your students and staff.


If you’re ready to reach the full potential of your organization, schedule a meeting with us now and we’ll help you get started.

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